This event is a chance for intended parents, parents and experts to network, share stories and learn from each other.  Learn what the IVF, donor and surrogacy processes really looks like in Australia and internationally.   Parents will join our popular ‘tell-all’ panel to explore how expectations can differ and how to survive the unexpected hurdles.

This event will guide you on : 

  • Crucial decision-making on providers and destinations
  • Risks and how to avoid them
  • Sperm and Embryo shipping options
  • Legal issues
  • International travel updates
  • Resources to support you

Due to lockdown in Melbourne, we are going to organise the Melbourne Surrogacy and Egg Donation Webinar via Zoom and our Sydney Surrogacy & Donor Seminar will be only Face to Face. You can buy Digital Tickets from anywhere in Australia. The safety of our community is most important to us. The link to join the webinar will be emailed one day before to all who would book the Digital Tickets. Email us at if you have any questions.



Director, Kalpaxis Legal

Lynne Hall

Mothers Milk Bank Charity

Sarah bevan

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers


Owner, Simple Surrogacy, Texas


Babies Come True, Canada


Global Director
Growing Families


Territory Manager, Manor Medical


International Programs Manager, ReproArt, Georgia


Gay dad via US


Gay Dad via Canada


Altruistic surrogate


Dad via Mediterranean Fertility Institute, Greece


Mum via Ukraine


1.30-1.45pm Surrogacy & Egg Donor Planning in the Covid-19 era

What has changed in the domestic and international egg donor and surrogacy landscape post covid? How have costs and timelines been affected? What have been the pressure points and obstacles? Are there ways of avoiding these?

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

1.55-2.15pm Selecting an Egg Donor & Surrogate Medical Screening

What criteria are used to assess the suitability of egg donors and surrogates? What screening tests are used? What aspects affect success rates? What are the differences between IVF clinic-screened donors, agency donors and friends or relatives as donors?

Dr Said Daneshmand, San Diego Fertility Center, California, USA

2.15-2.35pm: Surrogacy in Canada

How does the altruistic Canadian surrogacy model work for foreigners? What availability is there of egg donors and surrogates? How are surrogates motivated to carry? How are they supported? What concierge services are available?

Nir Keren, Babies Come True, Canada

2.35-2.55pm : Legal & Parenthood Considerations

Do I need a lawyer for domestic surrogacy or egg donation? Does my surrogate need a lawyer? Can we write our own agreement? Are these legally binding? What expenses can our surrogate be re-imbursed? How is this monitored? Who appears on the birth certificate? How does transfer of parentage work? Do I need legal support for international arrangements?

Cassandra Kalpaxis, Kalpaxis Law

2.55-3.15pm: Medical Preparation for Donor IVF treatment in Australia

Are there tests than can check sperm quality? What if quality is poor? Can I still make embryos? If  undertaking surrogacy, can we create embryos before having matched with a surrogate? What counselling requirements do clinics have in relation to donors and surrogates?

Dr Nick Lolatgis, Centre for Infertility Solutions, Vic

3.15-3.45pm: Afternoon Break
3.45-4.40pm: Parent Panel

Local parents who recently completed surrogacy or egg donation in Australia, USA, Canada, Ukraine or Georgia share their experiences, the ups and downs

Moderator: Sam Everingham

Panelists: Linda Wood (mum via Georgia; Adam Sloan (gay dad via Australia); Nick Stathopoulos (Dad via Greece) Helen Gazis (mum via US) Robyn Renyard (mum via Canada)

4.40-5.00pm: Developments in Georgia Surrogacy

Georgia has become a tried and proven destination for affordable egg donor and surrogacy programs for heterosexual married couples with a medical indication. Australians have experience with a wide range of Georgia providers. But what makes a good provider? What are the exit processes? What are the possible add-on costs?

Naia Adamia, Be Parent, Georgia

5.00-5.15pm: International & Domestic Travel Options

With state and international border travel rules in constant flux, this session details the latest options about travelling internationally for Donor IVF or surrogacy. Are economy return flights available?  When will incoming flight caps change? Do I still need a Travel Exemption? Am I eligible for home quarantine? Delivered by one agent who has now worked with dozens of Australian IPs to get them in and out of Australia safely during lockdowns

Penni Mason, Bayview Travel, Victoria

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Protecting Your Health
To ensure the safest seminar experience,  presenters, staff, and attendees need to be fully vaccinated. Attendees may also be required to follow additional safety protocols, including wearing masks.

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